Biography of Ezinne (Mrs.) Margaret Okoroagu NWANERI

By Chief Obasi Okoroagu

Madam Margaret Charity Okoroagu Nwaneri was born into the family of Late Chief Felix Nsokere and Late Madam Veronica Okoroagu of Ubahazu, Amiri, Oru-East Local Govt. Area, Imo State. She was born in 1930 at Amukwu Hospital, Owerri. She was born into a Catholic Christian family that valued education. Hence, her parents elected to invest in her education as a youngster. She was highly intelligent as a child as well as very obedient and loyal to her parents. Contrary to the thinking at the time, Chief Felix Okoroagu elected to invest in the education of his daughter. This was a remarkable thing to do at that time because it went against the thinking of investing in education and investing in a daughter.

Chief Okoroagu sent her daughter to study at Ihiala Holy Rosary School in 1946. Margaret graduated in 1953 with high honors and distinction. Based on her excellent record and work habits, she was selected by the Reverend Sisters of Ihiala Holy Rosary to become a teacher at the school. She related very well to her students and enabled them to excel in their studies and examinations. Based on her performance, the Reverend Sisters at Ihiala Rosary recommended Mrs. Margaret Okoroagu Nwaneri for further studies at Teachers Training College. She was amazed and rushed home to narrate the story to her parents. Even though her parents were ecstatic and happy for her, they did not want to lose the income she was getting from teaching at Ihiala Holy Rosary. This income was essential to the Okoroagu household. Margaret was sending her monthly paycheck to her parents.

This funding was necessary to the family. Chief Okoroagu will give the amount necessary to live in Ihiala and use the rest to support the needs of the Okoroagu family. Hence, it was not an easy decision to forgo this income. However, Chief Okoroagu again saw the value of education and need to improve his daughter’s advancement. He gave Margaret the permission to proceed for further training at Teacher’s Training College. The Catholic Church and the Reverend sisters in particular again came to the aid of Margaret by awarding her partial Scholarship to attend training at Teachers training college. She proceeded for training. This was a very difficult time for the Okoroagu family. The family underwent very serious challenges as it became very difficult to accommodate various activities of daily living like feeding.

Unfortunately, people started to talk negatively about the Okoroagus. They could not understand why the Okoroagus would let their daughter go for even more schooling when they can hardly feed themselves. They told Chief Okoroagu to stop his daughter’s education because he had no money. Moreover, all this training for a girl who will be married into another family, it did not make sense what Chief Okoroagu was doing. Chief Okoroagu being a wise man did not listen to this counsel. He loved his family and education. He elected to continue his daughter’s education at the Teacher’s Training College.

Upon completion of her training. She started teaching. The lifestyle of the Okoroagu family changed automatically. She supported the family with her earnings. With her income, the family was able to send the other children to school. At this time Margaret became one of the most eligible brides in Amiri. Many prominent men came to ask her hand in marriage. She was very selective and was insisting that she would only marry an educated man. Chief N. N. Nwaneri came for marriage and was turned down. As only the Omeudo would do, he came several times and was continuously turned down. Hence, he decided to have a Chief to Chief meeting with Chief Felix Okoroagu. Hence, Okoroagu talked to his daughter and being an obedient daughter, she yielded to the wishes of her father.

Chief. N. N. Nwaneri married Mrs. Margaret Okoroagu Nwaneri. She transferred to Aba following the marriage to continue her teaching career. In marriage, she never forgot her family. She continued to support her family. She was instrumental in the education of her siblings, late Dr. Ernest Okoroagu. She loves children, the church, Virgin Mary and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She continues to serve the almighty God in all that she does. I thank God for the opportunity to have known her. I am very thankful to God that she is my big sister.

I can’t fail to give credit to Dr. and Mrs. Jude Ngozika Nwaneri for his good work towards his brothers and sisters both moral and financial need. May God continue to bless him.

Ndee, Happy Birthday on behalf of the Okoroagu family and the Umuezeoleba kindred of Ubahazu, Amiri.

Your Loving Brother
Chief Obasi Okoroagu Ezeoha II of Ubahazu
December 2015